SOE EduTalk: Holistic Intervention Design in Education



Dr. Aamna Pasha during SOE EduTalk session on “Holistic Intervention Design in Education” outlined Zindagi Trust's interventions in their adopted public school. She discussed the limitations of traditional intervention design methods and the challenges involved in implementing a holistic approach to intervention design in education. Dr. Pasha emphasized on the need for interdisciplinary collaboration, community engagement, and the need to account for social, emotional, and cultural factors that impact student learning and development. She shared examples of how Zindagi Trust's interventions addressed these factors, such as providing mental health support for students and teachers and incorporating culturally relevant teaching methods.

Dr. Pasha explained that Zindagi Trust's approach to intervention design was centered on developing a comprehensive understanding of the students and their needs. This involved working closely with teachers, parents, and community members to identify the root causes of academic and behavioral issues, as well as the strengths and resources available in the community.

The talk demonstrated the importance of holistic approach to intervention design in education and highlighted the positive impact this approach can have on student learning and development.


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