Faysal Bank Pledges PKR 10 Million Towards the LUMS National Outreach Programme

Picture of Faysal Bank building


LUMS alumnus and President and CEO Faysal Bank, Mr. Yousaf Hussain, has announced a PKR 10 million contribution towards the National Outreach Programme (NOP) at LUMS. Faysal Bank has been a long-term supporter of the University, and this generous donation is a testament to the organisation’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. 

The NOP has made world-class education accessible to over 1,200 students in almost two decades since its inception. The Programme exemplifies the University’s ‘Learning Without Borders’ philosophy and makes sure no financial barrier prevents a talented student from getting a transformative educational experience at LUMS. 

The donation was announced during a virtual session on ‘Impact Initiatives for Nation-building’ organised by LUMS, in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan. Initiatives that were discussed during the session included the Roshan Digital Account (RDA) by the State Bank of Pakistan and the NOP at LUMS. 

Acknowledging the significance of the NOP and its impact on society, Mr. Hussain said, “It is very important to us that education for all is ensured. It is a high priority national cause, and is an important part of nation-building. That is why Faysal Bank stands with LUMS in support of this initiative.” Mr. Hussain added that people with an RDA at Faysal Bank will be able to use the organisation’s app to directly contribute to the Programme.

Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor LUMS, shared that the NOP is the University’s flagship social impact programme, “What is unique about the Programme is its reach. We go out to over 130 towns, villages and cities across the country and recruit students on merit who come from the most disadvantaged areas.” He further explained that not only do these students go on to study at the top graduate schools in the world but also come back to their own communities and help make a difference in countless lives. 

Syed Babar Ali, Founding Pro Chancellor LUMS, further highlighted the importance of donating to programmes such as the NOP, “When money is invested in the right things, like education or health, the amount of satisfaction that you get is ten times more than spending that money on yourself. You can’t even measure the amount of benefit that accrues in society by educating people; the return on that is infinite.”

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