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The LUMS Syed Ahsan Ali & Syed Maratib Ali School of Education operates at the crucial nexus of research, policy and practice, supporting a faculty that is internationally competitive, connected, and relevant. The curriculum, featuring extensive field engagement, produces graduates capable of becoming strategic leaders, policy researchers, and reflective practitioners, distinctly placed to direct and shape a reimagined and vibrant education reform agenda for Pakistan.






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  • Aimen Hameed

    MPhil Class 2021

    I have always wanted to teach or be a part of the education sector of Pakistan but I never planned on doing a degree in Education. Little did I know that the EDU courses offered would be the reason I'd eventually end up changing my career path and degree forever. These courses were so beneficial...

  • Suniya Aizaz

    MPhil Student

    What appealed most to me about the MPhil program at LUMS was its focus on contextual learning. At the university, I hope to work with experts in the field to gain thorough understanding of the challenges embedded in the Pakistani Education Landscape. Through the MPhil program, I wish to acquire...

  • Sumaiya Zafar Faridi

    MPhil Student

    The diverse courses in MPhil ELM helped me gain multidimensional perspectives on the educational framework, learning and knowledge acquisition process and most importantly how to lead change.

  • Hina Yousuf Baltistani

    MPhil Student

    The MPhil degree is providing me with the necessary tools for a better understanding of inclusive practices in the local education institutions.

  • Shajia Shoaib

    MPhil Student

    The MPhil courses have given profound insight into the current challenges and dynamics. The Teaching and Learning Initiative is one of those components. One semester through the programme, I can now say that it was a worthwhile decision to choose MPhil at LUMS.

  • Haris Abdul Hamid

    MPhil Student

    The faculty at SOE, with their innovative modes of teaching and cutting edge research, have provided me with the confidence to pursue my dream of bringing about a change in Pakistan’s education system.

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