Guest Speaker Sessions

SOE EduTalk: Models of Innovation - The Citizens Foundation (TCF)
SOE EduTalk: Models of Innovation - Maktab
SOE EduTalk: Inclusive Education in Bhutan: Opportunities & Challenges
SOE EduTalk: Whiteness and the Politics of Education
SOE EduTalk: School and Teacher Education Systems in South Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for Inclusion
Aligning for Learning: Learning Trajectories, Losses, and Coming Back Stronger than Before
Rewriting the Grammar of the Education System: A Case Study from India
Teachers, Technology and Targeted/Guided Instruction: A Systems Approach to Combating Learning Losses
SOE EduTalk: Social Distance, Teachers' Beliefs and Teaching Practice in a Context of Social Disadvantage
SOE EduTalk: The Negotiations of Pakistani Mothers’ Agency with Structure: Towards a Research Practice of Hearing ‘Silences’ as a Strategy
SOE EduTalk: Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP); a viable solution to growing out-of-school children’s crises in Pakistan
SOE EduTalk: Education of children with disabilities during Covid-19