Guest Speaker Sessions

Kahaani Kahi Jaati Hai (A Story is Told) - Theatre as Social Practice
Making Sense of Craft in Grassroots Empowerment in Pakistan through the Systems Lens
Seeing, Doing, Imagining: The Future of Art Education in Pakistan
Webinar 'Pandemic: A Perspective on Special Education'
LUMS Live 58: Building Faculty/Staff-Student Pedagogical Partnerships
LUMS Live Session 42: Art and Education in Pakistan: Practice and Scope - Part 2
Live Session 36: A Single National Curriculum: Policy Ambition or Fiction for Education in Pakistan?
SOE EduSpeak: The Global Learning Crisis – What We Do Know, What We Don’t by Prof. Lant Pritchett
In Conversation with Syed Babar Ali at the SOE MPhil ELM Orientation 2019
SOE Models of Educational Innovation Series: Maktab
A Brief History of Art Education In Pakistan by Salima Hashmi
SOE EduSpeak: The Global Learning Crisis