Guest Speaker Sessions

SOE EduTalk: The Negotiations of Pakistani Mothers’ Agency with Structure: Towards a Research Practice of Hearing ‘Silences’ as a Strategy
SOE EduTalk: Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP); a viable solution to growing out-of-school children’s crises in Pakistan
SOE EduTalk: Education of children with disabilities during Covid-19
SOE EduTalk: Learning and Unlearning beyond the Classroom: Why we need more Anthropologists of Education?
SOE EduTalk : The Effects of Covid-19 on Children’s Education: Evidence from Ethiopia
SOE EduTalk: Connecting School Leadership and Professional Learning Networks: An International Perspective from TALIS 2018
SOE EduTalk: Challenges of Development in Remote Societies of Pakistan: Educational Development and the Role Played by the Aga Khan Development Network
Syed Babar Ali, VC and Management Committee welcome the MPhil and Executive MPhil Class of 2023
SOE EduTalk: Kahaani Kahi Jaati Hai (A Story is Told) - Theatre as Social Practice
SOE EduTalk: Making Sense of Craft in Grassroots Empowerment in Pakistan through the Systems Lens
SOE EduTalk: Seeing, Doing, Imagining: The Future of Art Education in Pakistan
Webinar 'Pandemic: A Perspective on Special Education'