Power, Politics and Education: A Case Study of Afghanistan




Dr. Dana Burde delved into Afghanistan's educational history, highlighting critical moments when Afghan and foreign leaders sought to assert their authority and expand their political reach. From the Cold War era to the Soviet invasion and the years spanning 2001 to 2021, education emerged as a powerful force shaping both conflict and peace dynamics while presenting significant political obstacles.

Dr. Burde also scrutinized the impact of educational assistance in Afghanistan, shedding light on how foreign aid has affected the country's educational landscape. Furthermore, the talk delved into the lasting legacy of progressive education programs, examining how these initiatives continue to influence education in Afghanistan today.

In essence, the talk examined how education has been intricately intertwined with Afghanistan's political history, often serving as a tool for both conflict and peace and leaving a profound imprint on the nation's educational system that endures into the present day.

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