LUMS Live Session 119: Teachers, Technology and Targeted/Guided Instruction: A Systems Approach to Combating Learning Losses



In this comprehensive session, Dr. Tahir Andrabi discussed a 4 years’ longitudinal study on quality of education in southern Punjab. He presented statistics pertaining to the learning losses in pre and post pandemic context and efforts he is putting in to combat the learning losses. A project titled, “Targeted Instruction Program” (TIP) is in place to identify the gaps in children’s foundational skills as a result of poor quality of education, over ambitious curriculum, and socioeconomic background. He elaborated that these gaps may result in early drop out and subsequently put the children at a learning disadvantage. TIP therefore is focused on a comprehensive Teacher Centered System view as a way forward based on the input received through Teacher Baseline survey and Child Diagnostic Tests. TIP’s diagnostic testing and Tech-Enabled instruction design can work wonders to overcome the learning losses. The next step is to holistically analyze teacher’s response to technology based interventions, keeping in view the accessibility and logistical factors of government and private individuals.

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