The Imperial Entanglements of Education in Emergencies: From Saving Souls to Saving Schools




Dr. Mario Novelli delved into the historical and contemporary relationship between actors involved in 'International Education and Development' and foreign intervention, specifically focusing on Education in Emergencies (EiE). The talk examined Rothberg's concept of the 'implicated subject,' which looks beyond the simple 'victim and perpetrator' binary to recognize how individuals are entangled in systems of violence and injustice.

Dr. Mario discussed how this concept applies to researchers and practitioners in EiE, highlighting the complex ways they can be seen as 'implicated subjects.' The discussion explored two dimensions of EiE actors as 'implicated subjects': Diachronic and Synchronic. Diachronically, it emphasized how the colonial past continues to influence the present. Synchronically, it examined the case of Afghanistan, uncovering the connections between military, development, and education strategies.

In conclusion, the discussion reflects on the implications of these findings for promoting ethical practices within EiE and the broader realm of International Education and Development. It calls for a deeper understanding of the complexities of foreign intervention and its impact on education, emphasizing on the importance of ethical considerations in this field.

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