The Dynamic Duo at SOE: Story of Aisha Khan and Muhammad Usman



Aisha Khan and Muhammad Usman’s journey from two continents to the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is a remarkable couple goals story of love, education, and resilience. Their combined passion for education brought them together and saw them through a remarkable academic adventure at LUMS.

Usman, with a Bachelor's in Education and a Master's in Computer Science from Pakistan, was already making strides in the education sector with an international NGO when he met Aisha, who had just completed her Bachelor's in Gender and Development studies and was working for an animal conservation NGO in Kenya. They married shortly after, but the COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges, so the couple began considering further studies.
In March 2020, Aisha and Usman explored master's programs, with LUMS MPhil ELM standing out. They moved to Pakistan in December 2020, and by the end of 2021, they had revisited pursuing their master's degrees. While Usman chose the Weekend Track for Executives, Aisha applied for the Full Time Track. Both were accepted, with Usman receiving a Merit scholarship. In August 2022, they moved to Lahore to start their academic journey at the School of Education (SOE).

Aisha reflects, “It was challenging and exhilarating. I learned a lot and found a mentor and study partner in Usman. He became my guide, and I finally understood the educational terms he had used throughout our early years of marriage.” Their journey included unique experiences, from school observations to meeting education leaders and managing deadlines while raising a toddler. “Seeing Usman balance university, work, and our family encouraged me to keep going,” Aisha adds. They enjoyed connecting with classmates and balancing their roles as students and parents. Usman shared, “I gained more from the program because I could directly relate it to my practical work experiences.”

After graduation, Aisha and Usman will return to Kenya with rich knowledge and experiences from SOE. Usman aims to delve into large-scale educational assessments and pursue a PhD, while Aisha seeks work experience in education and development. “We hope to make an impact in education, wherever we may be and strongly feel that pursuing this program was one of the best decisions made; marking a milestone together makes the experience more special”.


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