CSO Holds Mentorship Session on ‘Interview Skills and Job Hopping’

cso lums interview skills and job hopping mentorship session


The Career Services Office (CSO) at LUMS organised an online mentorship session on ‘Interview skills and Job Hopping’ on November 4, 2020. The event was conducted by Syed Muhammad Ismail Hussain Naqvi, CEO, DIC Pakistan Limited.

Mr. Naqvi started the session by introducing himself and sharing an overview of his 20 year journey in the corporate sectors of both Pakistan and the USA.

Highlighting the importance of effective interview skills, he encouraged the students to conduct research on the prospective company, its corporate values and culture, product or services, market share and competitors, before appearing for the interview. Furthermore, he suggested that in order to impress interviewers, candidates must interact with them enthusiastically and share their achievements, smart working approach, and also convey their passion and interest regarding the position. He highlighted the importance of candidates talking about how they can add value to the organisation if they are recruited during the interview. 
While talking about job hopping, Mr. Naqvi advised the students to do a thorough analysis of the respective company before choosing to work there and try to hold the job for over 4-5 years in order to avoid the negative impact of frequent job hopping. However, in case they find that the work environment is toxic, they should make the decision to switch at the earliest. He noted that job switching for a better opportunity and career progression after a reasonable time period may be fruitful, as it adds value to an individual’s skill set and experience. He advised that people switch jobs within similar industries and remain in their own areas of expertise. 

During the session, he also emphasised the importance of networking and advised students to build a strong network within their own industry to secure better career opportunities.

The event concluded with an interactive Q&A session, where Mr. Naqvi answered questions posed by the students.

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