AlumniConnect Session 8



Jannat Karim Khan has an MPhil in Education Leadership and Management from Lahore University of Management Sciences. She is the Executive Officer, Quality, Teaching and Learning at the Aga Khan University. In her global role, she supports teaching and learning and blended digital learning professional development sessions for all AKU Faculties for the regions of South Asia, East Africa and the UK.  

Sundus Khalid completed her MPhil ELM from the LUMS School of Education in 2020. She then joined MGSHSS LUMS as an academic advisor. Sundus has spent the past 2 years actively involved in proposing a revised academic advising structure for the school and implementing the changes. She has also helped set up an Academic Advising Unit for the school. In her role as an academic advisor, Sundus has been engaging with undergraduate students at the school; advising them on matters pertaining to choosing majors, keeping track of degree progression, supporting academically struggling students, and planning for graduate school and life after LUMS. She has also helped organize various talks and panel discussions with faculty and alumni to speak to students about the same.

Maryam Mohsin is currently working as the Daycare Administrator at LUMS. She completed her MPhil in Education Leadership and Management from SOE back in 2020. Her areas of interest are Early Childhood Education, specifically play-based learning, and the role of daycare centres in increasing female workforce participation.

While talking about the community experience at SOE and how it helped them in their career trajectory, the alumni discussed the diverse experiences at SOE and how these gave them the exposure to various entry points in the education sector and helped them explore different themes such as research, innovation, pedagogy, and various other subdivisions in the sector. They further talked about the way curriculum was designed, giving them the opportunity to understand the interlinked domains in depth and equipped them with both; quantitative and qualitative skills to fill the gaps in the existing education landscape.

The session concluded with a Q&A round. While asked about how to select career path after the degree, alumni suggested that one shall always be open to all the opportunities coming their way and explore different fields to decide what better aligns with their interests and future goals. They also advised the students to give this process its due time as part of it also depends on the functionality of the job market.


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