2022 South-Asia Report on Non-State Actors in Education



In a recent LUMS LIVE session, Dr. Manos Antoninis, Director Global Education Monitoring Report UNESCO, discussed the 2022 South Asia Report on non-state actors in education. The report, developed by six renowned partners from five countries, including the Central Square Foundation, Centre for Policy Research, Institute for Policy Studies, BRAC, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi and the Institute for Integrated Development Studies, aims to provide a comprehensive study on the role and impact of non-state actors in education across the South Asia region.

During the session, Dr. Antoninis highlighted the report's key findings, which indicated that the region has the highest share of primary and secondary education enrolment in private institutions. Furthermore, the private sector's involvement in other levels of education is increasing, and there is a substantial non-state policy influence.
Dr. Antoninis focused on the Pakistan country study, which sheds light on the region's diverse ways in which non-state actors are shaping the education system. The report also provides crucial insights into the future of education in the region.

Overall, the report emphasizes the need to recognize and support the role of non-state actors in education while addressing the potential challenges and risks associated with their involvement. The session was hosted by Dr. Faisal Bari and Dr. Tayyaba Tamim and provided a platform for scholars and experts to discuss and exchange views on the report's findings.


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