Undergraduate Curriculum

SOE is offering a variety of undergraduate courses which will contribute to the Undergraduate Minor in Education, starting Fall 2019. The undergraduate curriculum will allow students to develop an understanding of the key theoretical debates that shape the education sector while also familiarizing them with the complexities of educational delivery and management, across national and international contexts. Moreover, these courses will equip students with the necessary analytical tools to propose innovative solutions to challenges of education policy and practice.

In the previous academic year (2017-2018), a total of six cross-listed courses were offered, out of which SOE offered two courses for the first time in Spring 2018 – Politics of Education and Economics of Education,. The total number of students across all 6 undergraduate courses was 279 and those who explicitly took the courses with an EDU course code was a high of 82 students, even though the Minor in Education has not yet been announced.


Fall 2017 Undergraduate Coursework


EDU 222/PSY 213 The Learning Gap: Critical Issues in Educational Psychology
EDU 212/SOC 223 Sociology of Education
EDU 252/MGMT 263 Contemporary Social Policy Issues in Pakistan


Spring 2018 Undergraduate Coursework


EDU 312/POL 326 Politics of Education (Dr. Mariam Chughtai)
EDU 412/ECON 406 Economics of Education (Dr. Faisal Bari, Dr. Rabea Malik)
EDU 260/ANTH 280 Ethnography of Pakistan


Three new undergraduate courses were developed for the current Academic Year (2018-2019). Out of these courses, two will potentially form the core course requirement for completing an Undergraduate Minor in Education. The courses received overwhelming response during enrollment phase which speaks to the high potential of an Undergraduate Minor in Education at LUMS.


Fall 2018 Undergraduate Coursework


EDU 210 Critical Debates in Education
EDU 220 Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
EDU 250 Education in the Pakistani Context
EDU 222/PSY 213 The Learning Gap: Critical Issues in Educational Psychology
EDU 252/MGMT 263 Comparative Social Policy Issues in Pakistan


Spring 2019 Undergraduate Coursework


EDU 22X Cognition and Computers
EDU 35X Education and Conflict
EDU 35X Education Policy Analysis
EDU 412 Economics of Education
EDU 45X Human Capital and Economic Development