The LUMS SOE intends to first introduce a minor in Education to build a foundation in the field and to give introductory exposure to undergraduate students inclined towards social impact.

Course Offerings: Fall 2017


  1. EDU 252/MGMT 263: Contemporary Social Policy Issues in Pakistan

    Dr. Muhammad Ahsan Rana
    Associate Professor
    Suleman Dawood School of Business
  2. EDU 222/PSY 213: The Learning Gap: Critical Issues in Educational Psychology

    Dr. Aamna Khalid
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

  3. EDU 212/SOC 223: Sociology of Education 

    Dr.Tania Saeed
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


Minor in Education


Potential Courses

Policy and Leadership

  • Global Education and Social Justice
  • Education Policy: Issues and Opportunities in Pakistan
  • Politics, Policymaking and Political Action in Education
  • Leadership and Negotiation: Mobilizing Change in an Uncertain World 
  • Equity and Education
  • Special Topics in Education


  • Philosophical Foundations of Education

Psychology and Cognition

  • Human Behavior
  • Biological Psychology
  • History of Modern Psychology
  • Instruction in Inclusive Schools: Students with Learning Difficulties 

Entrepreneurship, Technology and Media

  • Media, Technology and Innovation in Education
  • Social Entrepreneurship in Education
  • Special Topics in Education

Science and Education

  • Current Debates in Science Education
  • Pedagogical Methods in Mathematics Education
  • Pedagogical Methods in Science/STEM Education
  • Special Topics in Education 

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