Two Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been seeded using the platform provided by the Regional Roundtable on Education (RRT) organized by LUMS SOE and Aga Khan University Institute of Educational Development (AKU-IED). These SIGs are currently in the development phase.

1.      Women in the Labour Force

Faculty lead: Dr. Hadia Majid, Assistant Professor, MGHSS, LUMS

The primary objectives of this SIG will be to:

  1. Track the intersection of women's educational achievement and their labor force participation (LFP). Here, we look at not just quantity but also the quality of educational attainment, and consider how women's LFP at both the extensive and intensive margins varies with different metrics of education;

  2. Consider the economic, social, cultural and, political factors that influence both the intersection of the education and labor markets for women. In this regard then, our purpose is to look into the institutional mechanisms affecting women's LFP and educational attainment and;

  3. Look into policy affects through communication with relevant government departments such as the women's development department we will look to engage policymakers.

2.      Higher Education

Faculty lead: Dr. Tania Saeed, Assistant Professor, MGHSS, LUMS

The Higher Education SIG promotes research on exploring issues of education quality in universities across Pakistan. Dr. Saeed’s on-going research examines the purpose of a university in Pakistan today. How is quality education defined within the university, by external and internal bodies? What is the role of local and international university rankings and the drive towards a “world class” university in defining quality? And most importantly, how do students/parents and the market intersect within the university? The goal is to promote greater debate on Higher Education quality and development amongst academics, researchers and policy makers in Pakistan and around the world.