Partnership and Engagement Programme (PEP)

The Partnership and Engagement Programme (PEP) will provide a centralized strategy to ensure recruitment, residency and placement of LUMS SOE graduates. Additionally, the PEP Team will be in constant engagement with changing market demands as well as changing demands of students to ensure that SOE students and graduates are successfully embedded in the market. There are three main aspects of the PEP which tie in with the foundational principles of the LUMS SOE: Recruitment, Residency and Placement.

  1. Recruitment Programme: Recruitment of students from within LUMS’ undergraduate and graduate bodies, and external potential applicants to both the undergraduate and graduate programmes.
  2. Residency Programme: Placement of students in residencies to expose them to real world engagement with the necessary component of faculty oversight and reflective participation on their residency host organizations.
  3. Placement Programme: Placement of students in current and innovative jobs at competitive salaries in the education sector once they graduate from the LUMS SOE.