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The LUMS SOE model consists of a substantial Partnership and Engagement Programmme (PEP). We are open to discuss any potential partnerships and collaborations. Some areas of partnership/collaboration are as follows:

  1. Research: The LUMS SOE has a substantial Education Research Center (ERC) built into its model with high-level connections with international faculty and regional and local partners.
  2. Professional Education: We offer executive education programmes which are tailored to the specific needs of our partners. Professional education programmes can also be designed in collaboration with partners.
  3. Residency Programs: This is an essential part of coursework for our students. It ensures that all students have exposure to practical experience and are prepared for real world engagements with the necessary component of faculty oversight and reflective participation on their residency with host organizations.
  4. Placements Programs: Top graduates, trained by world class faculty at the LUMS SOE, will be given job placements in our partner organizastions where they can apply the knowledge they have obtained in the classroom.

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