myLUMS: Connecting Alumni Around the World

Thursday, February 28, 2019

With graduates spread all across the world, Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) Luminites Association realised the need for a single mobile platform solution to bring SDSB graduates together, for greater connectivity and networking. It took long discussions and brainstorming sessions before the idea of ‘myLUMS’ was conceived. The sole purpose behind the development of the Mobile Application was to connect SDSB’s vast and diverse alumni base. ‘myLUMS’ received a massive response with 33% of the total SDSB alumni base downloading the app within the first week of its launch. There are multitudes of great features encapsulated in the App, including:

  • An Updated SDSB Alumni Directory Search – That can be filtered by name, class, year, programme or company
  • University Event Calendar – To keep alumni up-to-date with the latest event schedules at LUMS and let them see who else is attending
  • Networking Meet-up Feature – To let alumni schedule networking meet-ups with other alumni who are attending the same event as them, alumni can view who else is attending and send networking meet-up requests to attendees they want to meet. The other person can simply swipe right to accept, swipe left to decline or swipe down to schedule the meet-up for a later time due to non-availability
  • Exclusive GPS Tailored Discounts – To notify alumni about exclusive alumni discounts and promotions near them from LUMS valued partners
  • Event Media Galleries
  • Messaging Capability

Job placements, Mentorship programmes and other features are planned for phase 2.

‘myLUMS’ was officially launched on December 29, 2018, at the SDSB Luminites Association Alumni Reunion. The App was handed over by the Association to Nuzhat Kamran, Director Office of Advancement, to increase its scope and to include alumni from all Schools at LUMS. The App is under further development and will be available to every LUMS graduate in the months to come. It is available for both Android and iOS.