SOE Models of Educational Innovation series: Family Education Services Foundation (FESF)

Monday, March 9, 2020

On March 5, 2020, SOE hosted a session under the SOE Models of Educational Innovation series, conducted by Family Education Services Foundation (FESF).

Family Education Services Foundation (FESF) was established on 27 September 2002 as a not for profit entity by like-minded educators with a foundational goal to provide high-quality educational services and build capacity in some of the most neglected sectors of Pakistan’s society. They invest in educational development and provide innovative training programs and services, empowering the recipients, especially disadvantaged and marginalized people to gain competency and realize their full potential through its unique Deaf Reach Program.

The session was conducted by Richard Geary, who talked about the Deaf Reach school model. He also talked about inquiry and context in education, and discussed some innovative solutions. Challenges related to the school were also discussed in terms of design, implementation and evaluation. Richard Geary also had a rich exchange of discussion with the audience on the potential areas of concern in near future for the school.