REDC Holds Consortium on Case Method of Teaching

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) at LUMS designed and conducted a consortium on Case Method of Teaching from October 12 - 14, 2018 to develop faculty from various local institutions and uplift teaching practices within the industry.

The Programme was designed to help participants understand the core philosophy of participant centric learning, develop the ability to design academic programmes and courses that follow this approach, learn techniques for effective use of the case method in class, and understand important issues as well as the strengths and pitfalls in using this approach. The Programme was directed by Syed Zahoor Hassan, co-directed by Arif I. Rana, and supported in teaching by Bushra Naqvi.

The 3-day consortium provided an opportunity for faculty to gain exposure to the participant centred learning model and learn how to utilise the case method to impact student learning and development.

The hallmark feature of the Consortium was the participation by faculty from significant leading universities of Pakistan, which resulted in a unique experience for participants that provided an opportunity to gain benefits in terms of cross institution networking and learning.

“This programme opened my mind regarding teaching methods, relevant cases were used and I came to know about the basic concepts of the Case Method of Teaching,” said Mr. Afraz Abdur Rahman, programme participant.