Outstanding Service and Distinguished Teaching Awards

Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Department of Electrical Engineering at LUMS congratulates Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Khan and Dr. Momin Uppal for receiving respectively the Outstanding Service and Distinguished Teaching awards for the period 2016-2019.

Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Khan has been recognized for his leadership in educational quality assurance, undergraduate curriculum development and playing a pivotal role in receiving strong accreditation of our programs. Moreover, Dr. Khan has played a leading role from LUMS in helping Pakistan become a signatory of the Washington Accord, opening the doors of global employment to Pakistani engineers graduates. Dr.  Khan is a respected researcher in the areas of signal, image and video processing.

Dr. Momin Uppal has been recognized for his commitment, dedication, and work with students in the scholarship of teaching and learning. In addition to effective classroom teaching, development of new and popular courses, Dr. Uppal has designed and run an innovative summer research training program for undergraduates, provided exemplary mentorship to his students and junior faculty and successfully demonstrated how to link outstanding teaching with research excellence. Dr. Uppal is an accomplished researcher in the areas of advanced communication, machine learning and information theory.

Receiving a Distinguished Teaching Award or Outstanding Service Award is one of the highest recognitions for faculty at any academic department. The department would like to thank our senior colleague, Dr. Jahangir Ikram for leading the departmental awards committee in making these outstanding selections. According to Dr. Jahangir Ikram, “it was a tough decision to make since all faculty has performed incredibly in teaching and departmental service. The decision needed a lot of contemplation and I am happy with the finalists.” Dr. Jahangir Ikram himself has been a beacon of outstanding teaching and service for the department and we are honored to have such wonderful faculty among us.