Global Education and Skills Forum (GSEF) Conference, March 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Global Education and Skills Forum (GSEF) brings together experts leading their fields from the public, private and social sectors who seek to find solutions to achieving education, equity and employment. 

Dr. Mariam Chughtai attended the GSEF conference, in March 2017, in Dubai, UAE where she met with international faculty from top universities. Dr. Chughtai achieved the following two outcomes:

1. LUMS SOE membership in the Alliance for Alternative Models for Universities – this network of experts is vital to form collaborations around key education related issues. This alliance will help LUMS SOE engage on capacity building with universities abroad as a new school in a developing country.

2. Engagement with Harvard University and Cambridge University – the SOE team met with leading faculty from both Harvard and Oxford with the aim of seeding formal partnerships and collaborations with both universities.