Building a High-Performance Culture for Hashoo Group’s Hospitality Division

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

With a vast network of premium hotels and expansion projects all centred around providing unparalleled quality of service, Hashoo Group is at the centre of critical growth within the industry. Hashoo Group’s Hospitality Division has sustained its success and market position in the industry through their dedicated workforce, high work ethics, excellent value-added services and good governance.

To maintain market leadership in a highly competitive environment, it is imperative to maintain performance and service standards. The success of future initiatives and progressive strategies heavily relies upon cohesion across departments, a strong sense of belonging among the workforce, a high performance-driven culture, customer-driven mindset and motivation for excellence by transforming successors into successful leaders.

As a pioneering collaboration between Hashoo Group and LUMS, Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) conducted a 4-day tailor-made programme from February 11 – 14 for Hashoo Group’s Hospitality Division that addressed some of the unique challenges faced by their top-tier executives.
The programme opened with inspirational addresses by Murtaza Hashwani, Deputy Chairman, Hashoo Group, Haseeb Gardezi, Chief Operating Officer, Hashoo Group and Fauzia Ahmad, Chief Human Resource Officer – Hospitality, Hashoo Group.

Led by directors, Dr. Jawad Syed and Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rahman Malik and supported by Dr. Muhammad Adeel Zafar and Dr. Anjum Fayyaz as teaching faculty, the programme provided a unique and dynamic opportunity to the participants for a transformational learning experience. Interactive simulations and exercises blended with classroom discussions on real management challenges paved the way for exciting discussions and sharing of ideas amongst the participants.

Mian Shah Faisal, Director Finance, Hashoo Group, commended the programme and its ‘good environment, impressive faculty and the overall facilities provided.” Muhammad Aslam Khan, Hotel Manager, Hashoo Group, also said that it was an “excellent programme covered in 4 days and it will help the organisation in the near future.”