BSc MGS students attend the Idea Explorer Summer Camp in China

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

This summer, two Management Science students from the Suleman Dawood School of Business spent represented LUMS at the Idea Explorer Summer Camp in China organised by the School of Management at Zhejiang University in China. Ameer Ali is a third year student, while Huzaifa Arif is in his final year studying in the MGS programme.

The School of Management at Zhejiang University holds a very high international reputation and is regarded as one of the best schools for higher education in the fields of management and entrepreneurship in China. Every year, the School of Management organises the Idea Explorer Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Summer Camp allowing students from all over the world to be part of an extensive and stimulating three-week programme. The programme focuses on business innovation and entrepreneurship practices within China helping students to develop strong enterprising skills and raise their entrepreneurial aspirations. A total of 33 students participated in this camp from universities all over the world. These students belonged from global institutions like: Dalhousie University, University of Alberta, National University of Singapore, University of Leeds, University College London, Durham University, University of Calgary, University of Central Florida, and Stellenbosch University South Africa. The students spent three weeks at the camp, starting from the end of June till the middle of July, spending time in networking and learning.

Throughout the programme, the students got the opportunity to understand different aspects of the business world and how the Chinese market practices are shaping the global business dynamics. They also got a chance to travel within China and visit big tech companies like The Alibaba Group, SKIO and Getui. Other than that, they were also provided with the opportunity to interact with aspiring startups in the beautiful city of Hangzhou. Interacting with experienced faculty, company officials, business founders and the local Chinese people allowed them to immerse in a completely different culture and develop new perspectives.

Finally, they also took part in an on-field business project focused towards introducing new business concepts for the Chinese market which are aligned with the local realities and concepts. According to the students:

It was an amazing experience and we are very grateful to all those moments at LUMS which helped us in getting a better understanding of the new concepts. It was an honour to represent our institution and country on an international forum and we look forward to building on all our learnings and creating more opportunities for others.