Tahir Andrabi was the Inaugural Dean of Syed Ahsan Ali and Syed Maratib Ali School of Education (SOE) at Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS). He envisioned the School’s first degree programme, MPhil Education Leadership and Management (ELM), to produce leaders who would drive an education reform across Pakistan. He is a Stedman-Sumner Professor of Economics at Pomona College (USA) and has been a visiting scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a research associate at London School of Economics (LSE) and a consultant for the World Bank. He is a co-founder and Director, Social Policy and Public Goods Program of the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan (www.cerp.org.pk) in Lahore, Pakistan. During 1999 to 2000, he served as a member of the tax and macroeconomic committees of the economic advisory board of the government of Pakistan.

He has published extensively in major economics and education journals including the American Economic Review and Review of Economics and Statistics. In 2007, his work on religious education in Pakistan received the George Bereday Award for the best paper published in Comparative Education Review in 2006 from the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES). His research has been covered by The Financial Times, Toronto Globe and Mail, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, The Economist, Foreign Policy and news media around the world. (See The Economist magazine cover story, the American Economic Association research highlights for media coverage of education research and the AssociatedPress/Fox, Newsweek, BostonGlobe, Dailytimes, USA Today, The Guardian, the Globe and Mail and The Dawn.)

His research (LEAPS – Learning and Educational Achievement in Punjab Schools) on quality of primary education in rural Punjab has been funded over the last decade and a half by the World Bank, the National Science Foundation, the Economic and Social Research Council UK and most recently by UK DFID through the Research in Systems of Education (RISE) project. He was also the principal investigator on a National Academy of Sciences/Higher Education Commission, Pakistan grant on evaluating the recovery from the 2005 northern Pakistan earthquake. He co-founded the website, risepak.com, to help coordinate relief in the aftermath of the October 2005 earthquake which was awarded the Stockholm Challenge Award (2006) for the best ICT project in the public administration category.

Professor Andrabi is a graduate of Swarthmore College and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He teaches classes in economic development, game theory, and empirical microeconomics.