MPhil Education Leadership and Management
(2 years)


Core Courses

Methods and Tools Component:

1. Analytical Approach to Education Research

  • Quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • Elements of field research (access; negotiation; consent; reflection; ethics)
  • Analytical writing: policy briefs; case studies; two-page memos
  • Developing and evaluating empirical arguments/claims

2. Education Research; Engagement and Practice

  • Analytical writing: policy briefs; case studies; two-page memos
  • Collaborative/Project-based Learning
  • Research dissemination skills (communication; presentation; networking; debate conduct)

3. Education Policy; Pakistan and Globe

  • Assessments and leaning outcomes
  • Learning processes; students, teachers and schools
  • Curriculum and textbooks
  • Education Finance and resources

4. Theorizing Education; interdisciplinary perspectives

5. & 6   Leadership and Policy in Education Component (students will choose 2 courses out this bucket)

  • Organizational Theory and Change Management
  • Effectiveness in Educational Administration
  • Management in Policy Environments


Electives Courses

  • Teaching and learning through classroom observation
  • Technology in the Education Market
  • Computational Problem Solving in Education
  • Economics of Education
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Issus in Education Psychology
  • Applied Data Analysis
  • Elite Interviewing
  • Courses from other LUMS schools (Business, Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law)



Practicum Prep: Faculty supervised planning and development
Practicum Project: Full time residency, working with an education organization on a mission critical project

  • 3 full days/week on site
  • 2 full days of writing
  • Bi-monthly group check-in, reporting, reflection, and progress
  • 1 faculty member to manage 10 students

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