M.Phil Education (1.5 years)


Potential Courses

Policy and Leadership

  • Teacher and Teaching Quality
  • Managing Educational Change
  • Curriculum Development and Implementation
  • Education and the Law
  • Organizational Theory and Education
  • School Improvement Approaches
  • Leadership in Action
  • Leadership Theory in Education
  • Politics, Policymaking and Political Action in Education
  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Policy Management and Leadership
  • Strategic Management of Public Sector organizations
  • The Challenge of Catalyzing Sector Level Change
  • Thinking Strategically about Education Reform
  • Mobilizing the science of early childhood development to drive innovation in policy and practice
  • The Common and Beyond: Integrating teacher practice, policy and research
  • Redesigning Education Systems for the 21st Centuries
  • Teachers, Leadership and Power: School reform from the classroom
  • Designing a 21st Century School System
  • Int’l Lessons from Successful Education Systems
  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Learning
  • Understanding Today’s Educational Testing
  • Civic Education and Civic Action: theory, research and practice
  • Educational Justice
  • Building a democratic educational system/ school design workshop
  • Reflecting on Leadership, Management and Governance
  • Education for democracy through Facing History and Ourselves
  • Partnering with youth in educational research and practice
  • Educating to Transform Society
  • Preparing to Dismantle and Disrupt Racism
  • Education for Social Justice
  • Education for Social Change
  • Social Justice Issues in Education Policy and Practice

Learning and Teaching

  • Connected Teaching in the Digital Age
  • Informal Learning for Children
  • Learning Teaching and Technology
  • Universal Design for Learning: Meeting the challenge of individual differences
  • Implementing Inclusive Education
  • Teaching and Learning: The having of wonderful ideas
  • Teachers, Leadership and Power: School reform from the classroom
  • The Arts in Education: Learning in and through the arts
  • Leveraging mistakes in classroom learning and teaching
  • Data-wise: Using data to improve teaching and learning
  • Learning in a Globalizing World
  • Informal Learning for Children

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education 

  • Innovation by Design
  • Entrepreneurship in the Education Marketplace

Media Technology and Education

  • Media Literacy
  • Growing up in a Media World
  • Projects in Educational Technology
  • Connected Teaching in the Digital Age
  • Transforming Education through Educational Technology
  • Learning Teaching and Technology
  • Workplace learning, leadership development, and technology


  • Research methods, philosophy and practice
  • Research Writing
  • Intro to Educational Theory and Research
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Evidence based leadership in education
  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Learning
  • Intro to Statistics
  • Intermediate Statistics
  • Applied Data Analysis
  • Using Participatory Video for Educational Research
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Qualitative Research Methods: Interviewing and survey analysis
  • Mixed Methods: Surveying as a research method
  • Educational Ethnography

Adult Development

  • Workplace Learning
  • Workplace learning, leadership development, and technology
  • Adult Development

Education from a Disciplinary Lens

  • Economics of Education
  • Microeconomics, Research and Evaluation
  • Microeconomics: A policy tool for educators
  • Sociology of Education
  • Anthropology of Education 
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Topics in Educational Psychology
  • Growing up in a media world

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